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1/8 Cow

1/8 Cow

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This listing is for an 1/8 of a cow, 50 lbs of finished meat. 

Our cows are lovingly raised on local pastures, free to roam and graze as they please. They are grain fed for 120 days before slaughter to maximize flavor and quality of meat.

How much storage space do I need for an eighth of grass finish cow? 

You can fit 1/8 of a cow in 3/4 of a standard fridge top freezer.

This product is ideal for 1-2 people and great for first time buyers.

Your meat share will consist of:

roughly 25% Steaks (Ribeyes, Sirloin, Cube steak) 

roughly 35% Roasts, Stew Meat, Brisket, Short Ribs, etc.

roughly 40% Ground Beef in 1 lb packages 


Our next 2023 slaughter date is June 10th. Once we receive your order, you will get email confirmation, please keep this, you will need it when you pick up your meat. We will be in touch on your slaughter date to schedule your pickup. 

Your deposit is part of your total meat price. Total meat price will be calculated once the meat is butchered and finished. When you pick up your order, you will receive the finished weight and price due.

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